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THE 400th MILE

Pledge to ride 400 miles (12 miles a day) in the month of July to honor the 400+ years the Black and African American community has been fighting for social justice in the United States. Join us by logging your miles using the hashtag #Bike4BlackLives on Social Media and posting about the social justice impact you made that day (say their name, calling someone out, speaking up for someone, educating yourself, donating, reading books, etc.)

The 400th Mile | July 24, 2020

I'd been saying that my goal was to conquer the Horsetooth Dams by the end of the summer.  I was afraid. It made me uncomfortable. To be honest, everything about the month of July took me out of my comfort zone. However, I live my life E.P.I.C. (with excitement, passion, intensity, and curiosity) and there was no better way for me to conquer the 400th mile than on top of a mountain.

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