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We Bike to Stay Alive.


Bike Ride for Black Lives is a community initiative based in Fort Collins, CO. Our activities include: 

1)  Pledging to ride 400 miles in the month of July to bring awareness to the 400+ years the Black and African American community has been fighting for social justice. Participation is free and open to everybody. Go here to learn more about The 400th Mile.

2) A Community Awareness Ride in solidarity together, honoring the Black Lives Matter movement and bringing awareness to the racial inequalities inherent in our criminal justice system. Join us July 17, 2022 to bridge gaps with movement and pedal for progress! Visit the Event Page for more details.

3) Fundraising for organizations that are actively working to advance the cause of racial justice in the United States. Learn more here and donate today!



June 19, 2022

The second anniversary of the inaugural Ride for Racial Justice in Denver.


Juneteenth Fort Collins

June 18, 2022

Juneteenth Family Bike Ride celebrating freedom!



July 17, 2022

The home ride of Bike Ride for Black Lives, in partnership with

Ride for Racial Justice.




Date and more details coming soon!

Coming Soon


August 14, 2022

R4RJ is partnering with SBT GRVL to send 25 BIPOC athletes, including our own Alisha Zellner, to compete at this world class gravel event!



In 2022, we are fundraising for the following organizations who are actively aiding the cause and preserving our Black history, with a focus on youth this year. All funds will be distributed evenly to:

Cultural Enrichment Center

Ride for Racial Justice


JEM Scholarship

Bruton's Books

In 2020, we raised over $7,000 for the following organizations; Black Lives Matter, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Equal Justice Initiative, National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, and National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum in Atlanta​.


In 2021, we raised over $2,500 for the following organizations; CSU's Black/African American Cultural Center, Ride for Racial Justice, and the Black Mental Health Alliance


Thank you to these organizations and businesses for their partnerships and continued progress towards change. 

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